Breeding Herd

This sector is currently involved in the development of a an “adapted” breed of animal which is specifically adapted to the Copperbelt conditions.

The breed will be registered as the CopperKing and has it’s origins in the Bonsmara from SA (3/5 Afrikander (Zebu origin) 1/5 Shorthorn (Bos Taurus) and 1/5 Hereford (Bos Taurus)) and the Boran from Kenya (pure Bos Indicus)

The CopperKing will ultimately be a red colored animal with dark chocolate shoulders and hind quarters.

The main objective of this breed is to produce a hardy, compact animal with a low maintenance requirement, high fertility and good capacity to carry beef utilizing the otherwise “sour” veldt Copperbelt grazing.

Beef Feedlot

Nsobe Beef also runs an all weather feedlot with a capacity of 250 animals for supply into Nsobe Processing and as a performance test ground for the CopperKing animal.

Steers, Heifers and Cull Cows for the feedlot are sourced and

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purchased from local farmers, especially from Mukushi.

For enquiries and Beef Sales please contact Mark Tomlinson :

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