An Explanation of the Social Development Program



The program forms an integral part of the African Development model being tested by Miengwe Farm Ltd and is called the Nsobe Model.

The Nsobe Model is encouraging

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Private Sector driven, rural development projects which have wealth creation, poverty alleviation, African empowerment and responsible corporate social investment as key goals.

After the model has been presented to parliament certain incentives such as zero taxation, Vat registered and taxed at 0% tariff (allowing the reclamation of input tax) and lower land rental rates will be attached as incentives to potential investors.

Upon completion the model will be used to attract investors into the Zambian agricultural sector and who will be facilitated by Government and the CopperKing Ltd to minimize the red-tape and heavy start up costs usually faced by investors.

The model is basically that Private Sector Farming Projects (PSFP) will go hand in hand with a Social Development Program drawing neighbouring communities into the PSFP’s economic net and providing an opportunity for these communities to feed off the infrastructure of the PSFP on capitalist terms –ie not for charity but for mutual economic gain.

CopperKing Development Trust’s Social Development Program

Initially we raised some finance for the CKDT project so that a start could be made and from this, loan capital was made available to a number of small scale neighbouring farmers. A portion of these funds were also used as Community grants for the development of infrastructure such as roads in the three villages (comprising 2500 hectares) as previously there was no access other than cycle paths.

With the help of numerous people we have managed to create models for 10 small scale agricultural projects -covering the fields of 1)Broilers, 2)Layers, 3)Piggery, 4)Beef, 5 )Bees, 6) Forestry, 7)Maize (Farming God’s Way –which is a form of conservation farming) 8)Dairy (not complete), 9)Fish farming and 10)Vegetable farming.

Key to this being successful is getting the people to demarcate their properties (as a pre-requisite for title) and take responsibility for their land. Once this has been done and agreed by the chief we help the individual farmers asses their land and figure out which of the models they have competitive advantages on and then engage with them to get these projects off the ground.

Cash loaned as start up capital has been managed by the CKDT and all construction has passed through the Nsobe services department with a margin of 10%.

We have currently built 5 piggeries earning a monthly income of between K500-K800,000 per month, have 3 families with 200 bird broiler units making K800,000 per cycle, 2 fish ponds which have produced great results, have managed to increase the local maize yield considerably on the previous seasons harvest and committed to buying the maize, have more than 30 families engaged with Bees, and have almost every family in the catchment villages planting low maintenance fruit and hardwood trees, we are trialling a small scale Layer model and have 4 Beef out growers with a total of 18 breeding cows.

How it works –CKDT pays for construction, seed stock (day old chicks/weaner pigs) and stock feed and then all this produce is sold to Miengwe Farm Ltd’s Nsobe Processing. Payment for produce is made to CKDT and for people who have a family member working on our farm no profit is paid back to them until the loan is zeroed. For those whose only income is generated by the Project, half the profit is paid over to the Out grower to live on (and these loans will obviously take twice the length of time to pay back.)

Out growers sponsored with funding from Tiger Feed are obliged to buy chicks and feed from Tiger until such time as their loan is repaid and then they will be free to choose whose feed they will use. The returned finance will then be rolled over and lent to another emerging farmer who will then also be obliged to use inputs from Tiger. (Currently the broiler farmers are on their 4th successful cycle.)

We have reduced the breeding risk and given the farmer access to continually improved genetics through us supplying 30kg weaner pigs and then buying them back at 100kg after about 90 days and all stock feed is supplied by us.

In order to facilitate continued long term success -a mind set change program has been orchestrated through weekly meetings run by us where key development issues, accountability and other Godly virtues are being discussed as a pre-requisite for success in biblical frames.

CKDT is providing these farmers with Profit and Loss statements so that each farmer can accurately gauge his success in terms of profitability.

We will not move into an new area

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until every family in the targeted area is economically engaged and we do not believe in charity but meaningful “help” into business with opportunities which will be beneficial to both the Out grower and the Project initiator –(so that there is a vested Private sector interest in growing the model).

The Project was initiated and is endorsed by The First Lady, Mrs. Thandiwe Banda and was made possible by a number of Socially Responsible Companies and to them all we say –Thank you.

” Through God all things are possible”

Philippians 4:13

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