CopperKing Vision

“Model for the Development of Africa by Africans for God”

Voluntary grass roots development package initiated by Governments and carried out by responsible private sector investors utilizing modern theories of mass empowerment through love and according to the principles of the teachings of Jesus Christ our Lord and the keeper of this Vision.

Definitions applicable to the Vision Statement:


The basic premise that people are more responsive to ideas when they have volunteered for them, resulted in it being essential to making this model work.

Grass roots

For the model to sell it needs

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to change lives and the easiest lives to change are those desperate for change, people below the breadline.

Development package


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implies that the model has farther reaching effect than the people at the grass roots.

Initiated by Governments

This implies that Governments will fulfil their own objectives in the application of the model in order for them to be motivated to actively pursue its application and meet the needs of their individual nations faster.

Responsible private sector investors

An assumption is hereby made that the private sector is best geared to highest efficiency project management as they will make decisions which take their own capital into account.

History has proved that not all of these companies have been responsible in fulfilling their duties to their host country or it’s people and as such local ownership by citizens should be encouraged in order that they retain control of their own destiny.

Utilizing modern theories of mass empowerment

Broadcasting the vision (showing the people the lighted path), rekindling Hope in Africa, removing fears and instilling a sense of pride at being African and thereby helping people believe in themselves through mind set changes.

Through love

In our opinion love is the best medium through which to teach (without wrath and judgement –love is gentle, love is kind and we all desire it) and to change mind sets.

According to the Principles of the teachings of Jesus

We simply happened to be born into Christianity and as such know very little of other religions but we have met Godly people from many religious backgrounds and have come to the conclusion that the example set by Jesus is fair enough to all communities to start as a base for our code of ethics without excluding anyone, (we all have some evil which has been implanted in us through the corruption of mankind) – and we will strive to kill the devil within us together and through love.

The Keeper of the Vision

This statement simply gives the Glory to God so that no man may arise through this model to think that he may be God and to understand that we are all equally mere mortals and no one life is more important than any other.

Models objectives:

1) To encourage voluntary Africanization of businesses on the continent while proving that this improves profitability and return for the investors (as has happened at Nsobe).

2) All CopperKing partnerships will include a 50% staff buy in over a 10 year period facilitating wealth creation at the grass roots level and equity will also be held by the CopperKing parent company.

3) To prove to Governments that certain incentives need to be attached to compliant companies as a reward for the wealth distribution created thus allowing better returns for participants (as opposed to competitors who want to retain all the wealth themselves) and thereby facilitating rapid growth.

4) To create an African Economic Empire whereby development on the continent can be decided on by all the African leaders through private sector means and thus retain African control of our future.

5) To provide a transparent mechanism whereby African leaders (current and retired) will be taken care of financially through dividends from their share allotment as a reward for keeping the chain flourishing.

Requirements and possibilities

  • To create a company with a clean and capable track record capable of being “the responsible investor” –“CopperKing Ltd”.
  • To broadcast the Vision as a Zambian initiative which will earn Zambia recognition as a Pro-active state in the fight for Africa’s control of its development.
  • To complete the Proto type model being carried out at Miengwe Farm Ltd & Nsobe Game Camp which includes a 50% equity buy in for staff
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    and a social development aspect drawing the local communities into our economic development chain within the guidelines of the company Vision Statement.

Miengwe Farm Limited

“Company Vision”

To create a sustainable model of economic development & people empowerment which supersedes our sins, culture, language and all other barriers to success & is directed by the principles of the teachings of Jesus for the maximum economic benefit of the stake holders and the Republic of Zambia & more importantly for the love of our God.

  • To illustrate how this model has changed the lives of all people linked to the model.
  • To complete the Child Development, Education and Empowerment Academy (pre-primary grounding 2 years and grade 1-12) including a privately run University facility (guided by the CopperKing Development Trust) on 80 hectares of land purchased adjacent to Nsobe to supply a continual stream of well educated – empowered people into the market place. “Kings to rule his Kingdom on earth” – and to use these people to grow
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    the CopperKing Ltd.

  • To critically evaluate the model and have academic input from the Zambian Government and all the OAU countries so that some measure of its fairness can be broadly assessed in order to allow for easy replication in all the countries.
  • Private sector participants who will handle projects will be required to undergo Pro-African screening and will be subjected to a series of courses to understand things from an African perspective as will all their employees – this will include an understanding of things African so that an “inline” business culture of acceptable mind sets can be established. (example: expatriate biased remuneration structures will be replaced by performance related structures)
  • To accommodate the same SADC leaders with a shareholding which will be held in the name of their country and the dividends of which will be shared by the incumbent President and his pre-decessors ensuring a private income stream for Presidents during and after their terms in office.
  • To list the CopperKing on the Lusaka Stock Exchange to allow all Zambians an investment stake opportunity and help develop the exchange into a global financial centre capable of safeguarding investor interests and in so doing create Africa’s “Switzerland” here in Zambia reducing the amount of African resources flowing to the foreign markets.
  • Develop in any direction which we are led by God to believe will lead to African prosperity and harambee in order to compete in the world with a strong voice.

“We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us” –Philippians 4:13

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